3D Imaging for People with Disabilities

Making accessibility improvements to rich web based media applications are discussed.

Enhancing Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Through a Mobile Application

Designing a mobile application to assist college students with mental health issues in the practice of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

Online Music Store Accessibility

Evaluating web accessibility of online music stores for blind and low vision users.

Perceptions of Web Accessibility Guidelines by Student Website and App Developers

The mixed methods research in progress aims to better understand the influence of education and training on the perceptions of Web accessibility guidelines by student website and app developers.

​Technology and Attention Disorders

Identifying technologies to support classroom activities for grade school students with attention disorders.

Web Development for United States District Court of Rhode Island

Redesigning the U.S. District Court of Rhode Island’s website.

Federal Website Accessibility

Assessing U.S. federal and federally sponsored contractors' websites to determine level of website accessibility.

Impact of Network Impairments on Internet-Based Depression Counseling

Investigating the technical feasibility of deploying a telemental health depression evaluation over the Internet.

Advancing in IS Academia: A Qualitative Study

The research in progress explores the underlying factors that impact Information Systems (IS) faculty members’ career advancement.